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■Yagaku Workshop and Report

We have workshops called "Yagaku". Yagaku means a night school, but actually, our Yagaku is not a regular night school. Our Yagaku is a kind of workshop, held once a month in our restaurant. The topic and leader changes monthly. For example, macrobiotic cooking, shiatsu massage, voice-training, ying-yang seminar, art therapy and more. Although we do not any proffesional English interpreters, our staffs will support you in cooking and experience of all activities. Please feel free to join us even if you do not speak any Japanese language.
→Yagaku Workshop

  Yagaku Workshop
■Original Vegan Pound Cake

Ritz'ns' cakes are free from dairy products and eggs. Why don't you order your original pound cake with your favorite foods? You can choose the dough and fruits/nuts. Our cake is a good choice for tea time and present. Additionally, we can arrange delivery for an extra cost. Please ask our staff or send an email to us.

  Original Vegan Pound Cake
■Birthday Candles: special beewax candles

We have special birthday candles made from beewax. Perfect for a romantic evening, or just to relax. They are made of 100% beewax (a byproduct of honey collection) free from any perfume. It is safe even if kids put it in their mouth.

★100% Beewax candles 90yen/stick
  Length: 7cm〜 Burning time: 0.3 hours〜

→Dessert menu

  Birthday Candles
■Reading Ritz'n

We publish the "Reading Ritz'n", a free paper written by our staff. You can read it at the restaurant or take it home. The latest PDF version of "Reading Ritz'n" is here. It is about "Hoshino Bread Yeast".
★Reading Ritz'n

What is "Reading Ritz'n?"→Ritz'n's staffs interviewed manufacturers and farmers who sell products to Ritz'n. They used all of their 5 senses to see, listen, smell, touch, and eat to write this newspaper.
Please take some time to look through the information and handwritten illustrations. If you need back issues, please ask our staff.

  Reading Ritz'n
■Ritz'n Blog

We have launched our new blog "Talking Ritz'n (Hanasu Ritz'n)".
We update weekly holiday menu, daily news, and new items on this blog. Don't miss it! (Sorry this blog is in Japanese only)
★“Talking Ritz'n”

  Talking Ritz'n
■Organic Vegetables & Mushrooms only on Weekends!

We sell organic vegetables only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you visit our shop on the weekend, please try these vegetables and compare them with those from supermarket. Our vegetables are so fresh that you can feel the changing of the seasons.
Now, we're selling organic mushrooms, Hiratake and Buna-simeji from Yamada Farm, on Saturday and Sunday. They raise Hiratake (which is very rare in the market) from inoculums.

Saturday and Sunday: Organic Vegetables from Mr. Matsuura's farm in Tsukuba. His seasonal vegetables are full of Mr. Matsuura's passion for farming.

Organic carrots and onions are available through weekdays.
We also have fresh carrot juice made from Mr. Matsuura's organic carrots in the restaurant.
If you visit our shop on the weekend, please try these vegetables and compare them with those from supermarket. Our vegetables are so fresh that you can feel the changing of the seasons.

From Friday to Sunday: We sell potted herbs, dried herbs, and herbs for many different uses. All herb products are supplied by Ichigo-ya.

  Organic Vegetables
■Jinendo's small market is open!
We sell products such as grains and beans from organic farmer "Jinendo".
  Jinendo's small market
■Cooking Oil Recycling Efforts

We have just started collecting used oil for recycling. Please bring used oil from your kitchen. We present free bancha-tea tickets to people who bring used kitchen oil. We cooperate with Cloud Ecology Service Co. Ltd., a waste cooking oil collection company in Mito, which processes the oil for biodiesel production.
Reduce your waste and reuse your oil to save our energy! Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Vegetarian Restaurant
■Usami Doichang Coffee

100%Highland Arabica Coffee Enjoy New arrival! New to Ritz'n!
Doichang Coffee is one of the coffees of best quality that is highly valued all over the world. It is now becoming famous in the markets of Europe and Australia. Fruity scent, a little sweetness, and moderate acid taste are its characters. Only matured coffee cherries are picked by hand and roasted, a drier is never used. They are dried in the sun which adds taste.

When Dr. Usami worked at a university in Chaing Mai, the second-largest city in Thailand, as a lecturer for five years, he encountered this coffee. He was moved by the taste and scent.
It is not only "organic" and "fair-trade", but also really "tasty" coffee. This coffee is good for people who do not drink coffee usually. You can try Doichang coffee in the restaurant, too.

★Usami Donchang Coffee (Medium-Dark/Dark) 1,050yen/ 200g
You can choose the which grade.

  Usami Doichang Coffee
■Catering Service

We have all vegan party menu for any kinds of parties and meetings. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning ingredients, budgets, etc.
We can arrange welcome drinks, soup, hours d'oeuvre, main dishes, desserts, etc. They are made from seasonal fresh vegetables, beans, grains, and seaweeds. We put our heart and souls into all our cooking!
Please note, our service does not include delivery, the customer must collect the food.

→Party menu

  Catering Service.
■Selling Materials by small amount

If you need small amounts of brown rice, dried fruits, nuts, etc, please ask our staff. We sell all kinds of materials by weight (from 100g). You can use these foods for cooking at home.
The shop is open from 10:00 to 19:00.

★Organic walnuts 619yen/ 100g
★Organic raisin 144yen/ 100g
★Organic dry apple 478yen/ 100g

  Selling Materials by small amount
■"Nukazuke" in Ritz'n

We sell homemade "Nukazuke" Japanese Pickled Vegetables (100yen/100g). They are made by fermenting vegetables in rice bran (nuka), sliced and served as a side to main meals. Nuka bed gives nukazuke lactobacillus, which may be a beneficial supplement to the intestinal flora.
Almost any edible vegetable may be pickled through nukazuke method. We packed a couple of seasonal nukazuke vegetables in one bag. Each bag weighs 100-200g.
Sorry, we do not sell nukazuke on the day after our holiday, because we have to pickle vegetables for one night.

  "Nukazuke" in Ritz'n
■Ritz'n Special Tofu Mayonnaise

We have our original "Tofu Mayonnaise" and "Amaranth Tofu Mayonnaise".
Instead of eggs and dairy products, we used organic tofu from Mr. Inamoto's Tofu Shop and authentic seasonings. It has a perfect mildness and is good for cold/warm salad, sandwiches, and pasta. Convenient 100g pack can be stored in a freezer for half a year.

★Tofu Mayonnaise 210yen/ 100g
★Amaranth Tofu Mayonnaise  315yen/ 100g

Ritzユn Special "Tofu Mayonnaise"

■Try our natural sweets !

Our desserts are all homemade, which contains no eggs, no dairy foods, no spices, no preservatives and no food colorings. The dessert menu is updated everyday. Please check out the showcase or ask us.
You can take out our sweets. Sorry, cake box costs for \50 (including tax). Our packed homemade cookies are good for small gift.

*We offer custom cakes including birthday cake. Please ask our staff.
→Sweets Menu is here !

  Natural sweets
■Vegetarian Lunch Boxes for Take Out

We have a variety of take out menu items including rice balls, vege-burger, tempeh burger, soups and vegan sweets. Drop by the restaurant when you have no time to cook. They are good for lunch/dinner. How about eating out in a park with our take-out dishes on a sunny day?
We also offer a large quantity of lunch boxes for official meetings, seminars and events.
※ Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.
→Take out menu is here !
※For take-out dishes, please call 029-856-0009.

  Take Out
■Eco Friendly Movement

Thank you for your cooperation to bring your own container and chopsticks. We will stamp on your "Eco-Haco" point card (haco: a box Jpn.) every time you bring a container. "Eco-Haco" point card is our original eco-point system. After you accumulate 20 "Eco-Haco" points, you can change it into 3 Ritz'n points. You can also change 20 Ritz'n point into a gift coupon of 1,000 yen.
If you do not bring your container, we pack take-out dishes in our original container. Our container costs \50. Vegetarian hamburger, rice balls and every day desserts can be wrapped in a plastic wrap (free of charge). Our disposable wooden chopsticks cost 5 yen/pair.

■Opening Hours

Open 11:30-19:00(order stop 18:30)
For your enjoyment of dinner, we highly appreciate your reservation.

Natural Goods Shop
■Baby Skin Care

Cold and dry weather is hard for us, as well as, for babies and kids.
Young skin is the most sensitive of all and deserves the best natural care. Martina's line of babies' and children's products treats their delicate skin with extra gentle soothing formulas, made with the purest organic ingredients, and expertly formulated with valuable plant oils, plant extracts, bees and wool wax. They will gently lubricate, relax and enliven baby's delicate skin, and make mothers feel gentle towards their babies.

★Calendula Baby Oil 100ml 3,990yen
Best for baby skin and sensitive skin. Please massage with this oil and the warmth of your hands.
★Calendula Baby Cream 50ml 3,360yen
Best for the diaper area and healing rashes..


Baby Skin Care

■Hemp Oil for cooking and skin care

Do you know hemp oil?
Hemp oil can be extracted from the seed of the hemp plant, which contains between 30-35% oil by weight, which is high in essential fatty acids (EFAs). The plant was cold-pressed for oil. The proportions of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid in hempseed oil meet human requirements for EFAs. It is becoming popular as a nutritious supplement and skin care product, because it developes metabolism and immunity of your skin.

Our hemp oil is from Akimoto Shokuhin Co. Ltd., that uses organic hemp nuts free from chemicals. Because no chemical was added to the oil, it does not oxdize easily. You can store it in transparent bin.

  Hemp Oil
★Hemp Oil 3,789yen/500ml 945yen/300ml
★Hemp Oil Essential-Blend 800yen/30ml 350yen/12ml
There are two kinds of hemp oil named "Happy" and "Lovers". Each one is blended with 5 essential hemp oils.

*Akimoto Shokuhin Co. Ltd.,→
■Fancy embroidered goods from Thailand

We sell handmade embroidered goods from Doichang Village in Thailand. Fabric colors and embroideries differ according to the ethnic groups. No item is the same because all products are handmade.
Since some of the traditional art crafts are in decline. High quality, original handicrafts remind us of their importance and give us a reason to protect them. Why don't you choose your favorite one from our stock of "original" art craft?

★Embroidered items from Thailand, from 300yen


Beside the homemade sweets, we also have natural sweets and snacks for vegetarians. They are free from animal materials and additives. Rice crackers, candies, cookies, potato chips etc.
※A few snacks use sugar. Please check the ingredients.

 (Chocolate・Chocolate Coffee・Chocolate Orange) 368yen

★"LARABAR" (Lemon Bar・Cinnamon Roll) 315yen

■"Japan Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide"

Mr. Herwin Walravens from Amsterdam, writer and Commander-in Chief of the Carrot Company visited Ritz'n in January. His book, "Japan Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide" is now on sale. This convenient pocket guide introduces nice and vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto with pictures, practical up-to-date information, and detailed maps. Complete with menus, prices, and regular holidays of these restaurants as well as survival guide and Japanese language for vegetarians from all over the world. If you are a vegetarian/vegan, it will help you when traveling all over Japan.
*More information →

★"Japan Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide"  1,680 yen

  Japan Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide
■Charge for wrapping

We charge for wrapping gifts. Its price depends on the size of wrapping. Please ask our staff. We would appreciate your cooperation to reduce waste and save our environment.



■No More Plastic Bag !!

We appreciate your cooperation by bringing your own shopping bag. In order to reduce the garbage, we do not have any plastic bag but a small box for "recycled" plastic bags in front of the cashier. If you do not bring your shopping bag, please use the recycled one. Your bringing plastic bags for other customers who do not have a shopping bag is highly appreciated, too.




If you have any questions about the above goods, please email or call us. We would appreciate it if you call except for during the lunch time (11:00-13:00).
For your enjoyment of lunch, we highly appreciate your reservation especially when you come with more than 5 people.



■The opening hours of the shop.

The shop opens from from 10:00 to 19:00.

747-84 Kamihara,Tsukuba-city,Ibaraki Pref.   Tel.029-856-0009  Fax.029-855-7581   e-mail
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