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It should be clear for our health that brown rice is better than white rice, "boiling, simmering and steaming" is better than using microwave oven, using natural konbu (kelp) stock is better than using artificial chemical seasoning, locally-manifactured organic vegetables is better than exported and postharvested ones, and eating moderately is better than eating full. One thing we need to know is how to adopt these ideas to our diet.

There are some hints as follows; Brown rice has 10 times as much Vitamine B1 as white rice and 6 times phytic acid, which help our bodies' discharge function, as much as white rice. And moreover, brown rice is very delicious. Boiling, simmering, and steaming foods in the kitchen is much more interesting than you expect. Konbu stock is very easy to cook, just put kelp in water. You can avoid overeating if you chew your food well.

Our shop and restaurant "Ritz'n" would like to show the way to get started, through new food style and life style, and make your life much happier and more enjoyable. Welcome to our shop!!
Manager, Mie Koshimizu
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